Sunday, November 23, 2008

Governor...Do the Right Thing

Dear Governor Napolitano,

Please don't let us down! Fighting with the legislature and waiting until the last minute to leave...if you decide to go, will only prolong the "billion dollar deficit" pain and make it more difficult for those left behind to come up with a solution to balance the budget. I know you recognize that with your duties comes a huge responsibility and it is in this spirit that I ask you to carefully and thoughtfully consider the consequences of your immediate decisions regarding your apparent appointment as Secretary of Homeland Security.

Be reasonable.

I am sure you are thrilled to have received such a nod from the next President of the United States. So many details go into the preparation of such duties. If you were to be formally asked and then accept the position, timing will be of utmost importance. With your gubernatorial duties here, and preparation for even more pressing duties waiting; the timing of your departure will have a dramatic effect on both Arizona and the rest of the nation.

Be honorable.

With that said, if you are really serious about heading to DC, then start the transition process with the Secretary of State as soon as reasonably possible. Get her up to speed on the budget and other important issues. Yes, she will get help from the legislature. But, you know as well as I do that the executive branch is a different animal. No matter what party holds the governorship, the legislature is at odds at some level. The branches of government take on very distinct roles.

Be wise.

Remember, it is not about politics, it is about real life people. Arizonans are tightening their belts and cautiously planning their futures. Some are jobless, and many that hold employment are not earning enough to make ends meet. Business is bad, except at Walmart. Even so, hope that the future will be brighter remains. The last thing we need is for you to play politics with our lives. Take a lesson from your new future boss. President-Elect Obama learned from a great Republican, President Lincoln, that it is in the best interest of the people to transition with political allies and opponents alike. US Senators McCain and Kyl have promised a speedy confirmation as well. Come on Governor, even the AZ Republic is saying that Jan Brewer is a conservative, but she is not a heartless ego-maniac. She wants what is best for the state, too.

Be decisive.

If you simple do not feel it is good for the state to have another governor at this time...tell President-Elect Obama no, and do it quickly. If you do decide to go, leave in a timely manner so that all will be appropriately prepared for the heavy responsibilities that lay ahead of them, including Sec. of State Jan Brewer.

Mixed emotions.

This is not the best time for you to leave. The budget mess will no doubt be laid at the feet of the Republicans by the media and those that have helped us spend our way here. I am not necessarily in favor of you leaving for that reason. On the other hand, I know you and I believe that you will work diligently to help fix the border problems. No one knows better than you what happens to a state when the federal government refuses to do its job.

Hope is all around these days. So here is hoping that you will put party politics aside and do the right and honorable thing for Arizona.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Direction: New Opportunity

It looks like Arizona is heading in a new direction. The current governor will most likely take a new post under the Obama administration sending our Secretary of State, Jan Brewer, to the ninth floor. Jan is more than qualified and with the makeup of and new leadership in both Houses, conservatives will most certainly be able to get a decent budget signed, sealed and delivered.

If they all play their cards right, in 2010 Republicans may have a chance to hold on to the Governor's seat, Secretary of State and both Houses. The real problem will be getting the media to play fair.

Opportunities on the federal level are fewer and farther between. We did not fair so well. Although, it could have been least there will be some leverage in the Senate. The Republican Senate leadership has their hands full. What will be interesting to watch is how the Democrats do with their new presidential power...patience is a virtue.