Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dog Eat Dog

Like so many other progressive cities, Tempe has what is called a dog park. Sounds like a great idea the dog park. Dogs get to meet dogs in an orderly and safe manner; playing, sniffing - getting exercise with their owners and well...other dogs. In this case, orderly and safe were no where to be found.

The story of Emmie at the dog park goes like this: Emmie, a lap dog of advanced age was trying to keep up with her owner and their new puppy on the lap track. Emmie decided to take a detour through the grass to catch up. She proceeded to grit her teeth and growl at the oncoming pack of large dogs. This triggered an out and out attack with one of the large dogs leading the way.

The Greyhound sunk his teeth into little Emmie and was about to have her for a light snack when Emmie's owner ran to her safety beating off the determined hound. Screams and howls brought on a mixture of fear and sympathy. Dog lovers came to Emmie's rescue and helped escort her and her owner to the nearest pet hospital.

However, the Greyhound's owner fled quicker than you can say "Do you know a good attorney"? Maybe it wasn't about a lawsuit. Maybe he fled because he did not want to pay the vet bill or...maybe he thought his dog would be taken away and put to sleep. Whatever the reason, the least he could have done was stopped to check on the welfare of Emmie and her owner, and then apologize.

This story has a strange but true correlation to the health care debate. Not only will the Democrats in Congress and President Obama run and hide from the debate, they will leave us bloodied and holding the bill while they take no responsibility for the outcome. Perhaps it is time to collar and leash our elected officials in DC - either that or trade them in for a new breed.

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