Saturday, March 20, 2010


Honestly, how bad can Obamacare be? I mean, after all, over 45% of Americans want it to pass. It must not be that bad.

Well, let's take a look. If you want to read it yourself - go to and pull up the bill and see for yourself if you can get through the 2000 pages and all of the political and policy nuances.

First, new taxes start immediately, but services don't.

State programs and state policies will be null and void.

Current medicare recipients will start to see reduced services and additional citizens are put on the program.

Eighteen percent more of the nations economy will be under the federal government's control.

No matter where you are on the issue - abortion will be funded by our tax dollars.

Not only we will be paying more for less - US policy, as mentioned in the President's speech to Democrat Congressmen today, states that this is just the beginning of health care policy change. Universal health care is on its way. And, so are less jobs and choice in the private sector.

Let's hope the states step up and fight this corrupted power grab.
Prayers for decision makers and our country are needed!

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