Friday, June 12, 2009

OBAMA and US Senate Ready to Ration Health Care

Your family and friends may be in grave danger. If President Obama and the liberal majority in Congress have their way, healthcare provider choices are soon to be obsolete.

As promised, Obama is pushing through health care reform that will destroy the American health care system as we know it. A socialist system of mediocre government-run health care will rise in its place. Private providers and drug companies will close their doors and health care will be rationed out to all Americans, especially those who need it most – the sick, chronically ill and our senior citizens.

Grandma and grandpa deserve the best care possible. A limit on their care due to age or cost restrictions is just not acceptable. Children born with chronic illness warrant no less.

Under Congress’ proposed health care reform plan our families will be subject to a system modeled after Canada Care – a failing; expensive system where coverage on individuals is doled out through a rationing system with long waiting lists for care and services. Canadian mandates do not allow health care providers or citizens to go out of the public system. The type of services and how they are delivered is under government control. Is this really what Americans want – a single-payer government run healthcare system that denies control of services and puts our families at risk?

What does the government do well? The vast majority of citizens know that the private sector offers more choices in a more cost-effective, efficient manner than any government run program. On top of it, the private sector is more accountable to its customers. The health care reform being pushed will not only reduce your coverage, it will have a negative effect on the quality of care.

No one is claiming that the American health care system is perfect. It does need to be reformed. But, before we throw the baby out with the bath water, let’s examine the problems and try to fix them.

So - Who Is Not Insured?

• Out of the 300 million people in the USA -250 million are insured.
• About half (125 million) are on government run programs like Medicaid and Medicare.
• About half (125 million) are insured through private employer insurance.
• For the most part, those insured are happy with the quality of their care.
• Fifty-million Americans are not insured and use hospitals as their health provider.
• One-third of the uninsured are either immigrants or homeless who will never sign up for insurance
• About one-third of the uninsured can afford coverage but prefer to spend their money otherwise.
• About one-third, of the uninsured (5% of the population) – the notch-group do not qualify for insurance due to a preexisting conditions, are between jobs or are self-employed. This group is over income for Medicaid, yet cannot afford private coverage.
• The poor are eligible for Medicaid.
• For all cancers, 5 year survival after diagnosis: European men, 47%, US men 66%. European women, 55%, US women 63%. See for more details:

Health Care Issues: Affordability and Accessibility

The health care system in the United States is in need of reform. However, blowing up what we have instead of tweaking it around the edges is not the answer. Ninety five percent of Americans are relatively happy. It is the 5%, the notch-group and specialized groups like the veterans, that need access to private health insurance and better quality of care.

Congress should be focusing on a solution to the issues at hand including the looming Medicare fiscal crisis that is about to hit in 2017. Rationing of services has already started. Imagine the rationing that will occur if another 150 million people are put on government programs.

Instead of finding the funding needed to cover the uninsured, health care reform is aimed at you and your family. Plans are in the works to put everyone into one huge bureaucratic federal insurance program, merging the homeless, Medicare and Medicaid recipients, and private insurance into one single payer system like Canada or the
UK. If the proposed health care reform on the table in Congress is passed into law, only the rich will be able to access health care worth receiving.

Big Brother Brings Health Insurance to the Masses

The strategy is to offer an innocent sounding Public Insurance Policy, “as good as your Senator has.” It will be subsidized by your taxes and have monopolistic power to suppress prices and doctor pay. In a stampede to save costs, most employers will dump their gold plated health plans and put their employees on a cheap government plan---whether they want that or not! Unions will follow suit.

Within 2-3 years 119 million people will be swept into this plan, leaving just 6 million on private care - 2% of American citizens; not enough to fund new drugs, not enough to have private hospitals or MRI centers in many locations. You may have a private doctor – but multifaceted health care systems will be obsolete. Waiting lines will be the norm and doctor led care will be a thing of the past. Government bureaucrats will be in charge of what was once your private care.

Privacy and Limited Choices Negatively Affect the Family

Thanks to language passed in the stimulus package, by 2014, an interactive fully accessible computer system will be located in every doctor’s office, hospital and pharmacy meant to hold all your detailed medical records. This government regulated, mandated system will “guide” your doctor in his treatment decisions. A new rationing board will be set up to decide treatment plans for the sick and elderly based on age and cost. These things directly threaten you and your family. Both were slipped into the stimulus bill with no public knowledge for the purpose of operating a big government controlled system. To learn more about both initiatives go to Articles, videos and other links are available to help educate you and your family.

Rationing Health Care Already in the Works

Political decision-making and triaging of the elderly and sick are already here in the centerpiece of “savings” proposed by the White House in this year’s budget. The focus is on cutting costs by lowering hospital readmission rates for seniors. Unfortunately, studies show most of us readmitted after hospital stays are suffering from heart failure, emphysema or pneumonia. To stifle readmission would be akin to creating major health care risks for the elderly and chronically ill. What kind of society allows its frail to suffer and die in order to cut costs?

We hear all the time that there is a health care crisis. But, it depends on who you ask and how they define as a crisis. Cover the poor? We have Medicaid. System too expensive? What will you give up to pay less, wait times, access to new drugs, less new technology? Polls suggest that the American people do not want less quality of care, they want more.

Ways to Fix the Problems

Others complain that the system is complicated; co- pays are going up, doctors are frustrated with paper work, these problems can be solved by:
• making insurance companies compete across state lines.
• making insurance portable
• making plans more flexible and transparent
• allowing additional controls over deductibles and coverage by the insured.

We can buy automobile insurance in any state and keep it even if our jobs change. Why not make buying care insurance as simple as buying car insurance.

Fast Track Legislation

It is important that you learn as much as you can as fast as you can. This legislation is being promoted today and will be ready for a vote within a few short weeks. Protect your family today. You can make a difference. American citizens spoke out about their disagreement on comprehensive immigration reform and stopped legislation in its tracks. We can make a difference on this issue as well.

Speak up now, before it is too late. Talk to your family, your friends, your business associates. And, most importantly, contact the U.S. Senators in the states that have a possibility of bucking the Obama administration. Use this link to find the Senators from the list below and contact them today -

States where Senators need to hear from you!

South Dakota
North Dakota
North Carolina
New Hampshire

Let the Senators know that you do not want government run, government controlled health care. Your family deserves better. Together we can make a difference!

Please Forward this on to Family and Friends Today!!!

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